Financial Aid

The Federal programs of financial aid at Mid-Plains Community College include loans, grants, and part-time employment. The purpose is to assist qualified students who desire financial assistance to make possible their attendance at college.

To be eligible for Federal Financial Aid at MPCC a student must have a high school diploma, GED certificate or home school certificate prior to enrollment in an occupational or academic program of study leading to a degree, diploma or certificate.

Persons interested in general information about federal financial aid should contact or write the Office of Financial Aid at either McCook or North Platte Community College. To apply for all types of federal financial aid the student needs to go online at and complete the FAFSA application form. Students attending college through one of the extended campus locations at Broken Bow, Imperial, Ogallala or Valentine should also go online to complete their FAFSA applications. The processed FAFSA report (known as the Student Aid Report or SAR) plus any other documentation requested by the Financial Aid Office must be submitted before an application will be considered complete. Some students may be selected for verification. This process requires the student to submit supporting documentation in addition to the SAR. FAFSA results received in the Financial Aid Office before May 1st will be given first consideration. FAFSA results received after May 1 will be considered if funds are available.

Financial Aid offices are located in the Welcome Centers on the McCook Campus in McMillen Hall and North Platte South Campus.

Offices Hours:

Monday - Thursday
7:30am - 5:30pm

7:30am - 2:00pm
(with some exception)

School Codes for Mid-Plains:


Video Helps

These five-minute or less videos will walk families through the FAFSA, and provide helpful tips along the way.


Completing your FAFSA - Demo


FAFSA Overview


IRS Data Retrieval Tool for Correction


The college cooperates with the Veterans Administration in providing for the education of veterans under United States Code.

Veterans Links

For more information concerning veteran benefits and opportunities, access the veteran information for our current catalog.

Contact Financial Aid

McCook Community College
1205 East 3rd
McCook NE 69001
800-658-4348 Ext 8111
School Code: 002557

Erinn Brown
Area Director of Financial Aid 

Deb Cumming
Area Financial Aid Assistant
VA Certifying Official

North Platte Community College
601 West State Farm Road
North Platte NE 69101
800-658-4308 Ext 3705
School Code: 002557

Shelby Hills
Area Financial Aid Specialist

Danya Mintle
Area Financial Aid Specialist

Beth Tabares
Part-time Financial Aid Specialist