Housing at MCC

McCook Community College Brooks Residence Hall houses approximately 144 students. The Office of Student Life coordinates all campus housing and is dedicated to maintaining an environment conducive to educational and personal development.

Each unit is furnished with two beds, chairs, dressers, and closets. All rooms are air-conditioned and are provided with high-speed internet access and basic cable at no additional charge. Two laundry rooms are located on the first floor of the student housing complex, offering free washers and dryers. New renovations will add a new elevator, updated lounge, and dish washing areas on every floor and an extended first floor lounge and cafeteria.


What life on campus is all about

Brooks Hall is supervised with two live-in Residence Hall Directors, has Residence Hall Assistants on each floor, and is staffed with night-long security.

Located in a traditional dorm style setting, Brooks Hall has three floors and offers microwaves, community sink/dish washing area, and lounges on each floor, a computer lab with free printing, fully equipped laundry room, and a cafeteria. The front desk serves as the hub of the community. From the front desk you can:

  • Check in/out guests
  • Check out games and recreational equipment
  • Receive your mail/packages

Residence rooms are furnished with two beds, mattresses, wardrobes, chairs, three drawer dressers, and study desks. Each room is also equipped with basic cable and high speed Wi-Fi access.

What to Bring

Putting together a room with your roommate can be exciting and rewarding. There are many ways you can make your new residence feel like home. We allow decorations and furnishings that do not deface the room or create hazards for you and your hall mates. The following is a list of what you need or may want to bring to your new room. If possible, check with your roommate to avoid any duplication, which might limit space.

Pillows ~ Linens (twin size) ~ Blankets ~ Comforter/bedspread ~ Clothes hangers ~ Laundry basket/bag ~ Laundry supplies ~ Iron ~ Lamps ~ Wastebasket ~ Alarm Clock ~ Stereo ~ Television ~ Personal computer ~ Dishes ~ Desk references ~ Personal toiletries ~ Silverware ~ Pictures/ posters (no nails allowed in walls) ~ Fun-Tac (to hang pictures/posters)

What Not To Bring

The following items are NOT allowed in individual rooms:

Alcohol Bottles (full or empty) ~ Tobacco (smokeless included) ~ Candles/incense/candle warmers ~ Microwaves (these are provided) ~ Fire arms/explosives/weapons ~ Hot plate/grills ~ Coffee Pots ~ Pets (fish are allowed but only in less than a 10 gallon tank)

Have Some Fun

Brooks Hall also offers students a way to socialize and have fun together in a diversified, safe college atmosphere. Floor meetings and activities are planned each month so that students get to know one another and learn from each other's personal experiences.

Break and Summer Housing

The residence hall is closed for Winter break. Housing occupancy during Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks may be arranged with approval of the Student Life Staff on each campus at no additional cost. Board plans are not available during Break periods.

Note: If a student attended MPCC during the spring semester and is registered for the fall semester, he/she is not required to be enrolled in summer classes to be allowed to stay in summer housing. However, please keep in mind that if an extraordinarily large number of students request summer housing which causes room availability to be tight, assignment priority will be given to those students who are enrolled for the summer sessions.