Tuition Payment Options | Financial Services

Payment Policy

Payment of tuition, student service fees, and room and board charges is due to the campus Student Accounts Office at the start of class.

The Business Office will mail statements once per month. Students who have been approved for financial aid by the Financial Aid Office may see estimated aid on their statements. If the estimated aid equals or exceeds the student charges, the student will not receive a paper statement and will not be required to make a payment at that time. If the charges exceed the amount of any estimated aid, the balance is due and payable when classes begin.  Finance charges will be assessed at 12% per annum on unpaid balances remaining after 30 days. Failure to receive a statement does not exempt you from making the required payment by the deadline. All billing information can be accessed online via the students CampusWeb account.

Unpaid student account balances that remain after classes are over will be at risk of being turned over to a collection agency.