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Feb 16
Registration open for second round of spring classes


Registrations are being accepted for the second round of eight-week spring classes at Mid-Plains Community College. Some classes begin as early as March 12.   

Many can be taken either online or via distance learning. Students can sign up for any of them the first week they are offered. A complete list of courses can be found online at

Some of the classes available include: 

BIOS 1600: Current Issues in Biology – The course reflects issues discussed in the current world of science. Topics can cover cancer, biological terrorism, HIV/AIDS, emerging infectious diseases, stem cells, Alzheimer's and the human genome. Studies reflect the scientific and historical basis, current status and effect on society. 

BSAD 1010: Personal and Professional Development – The class emphasizes the relationship between image/social awareness and job success. It covers on-the-job situations of problem-solving, time management, goal setting, business etiquette, listening skills, work groups and the relationship between productivity and job attitude. A major emphasis is placed on developing productive work ethics. 

BSAD 1090: The Job Application Process – The instruction is designed to provide all students with the tools and skills to develop an effective job search campaign. Topics include, but are not limited to, methods of finding a job, resume preparation, the development of customized application letters, interview techniques and preparation of follow-up communications. Students utilize word processing skills. 

CSCE 1604: Introduction to Microsoft Word – The course is an introduction to basic features of the Microsoft Word software program. Special attention is given to the utilization of graphics, templates, report styles, tables and WordArt. There is a $5 fee. 

CSCE 1644: MS Office Excel – The course is designed to provide the fundamental skills and concepts of using Excel spreadsheet software in a hands-on environment. Students benefit from a step-by-step approach. The class fee is $5. 

EMTL 1110: CPR Rescuer - The course is intended to provide the student with training, as an individual or as a team member, to administer adult, child and infant CPR. Use of an AED, pocket mask and bag valve mask is also included. The class fulfills the CPR requirement for most health-related trainings. The $15 fee covers the cost of a book and a two-year certification card. 

ENGL 0990: College Prep Writing - College Prep Writing is a review of grammar and sentence writing skills including use of words, parts of speech, parts of a sentence, agreement of subject and verb, punctuation of sentences, vocabulary development and paragraph development. The course strengthens English proficiency before attempting college composition. 

ENGL 1020: English Composition II – The class focuses on extended source-based writings and projects, including a required research paper. An emphasis is put on organizational strategies for research, the integration of multiple resources and the ethical use of information to produce informative and/or argumentative texts. 

MATH 0900: Elementary Algebra – The course reviews real number operations, algebraic expressions, exponents, the solving of linear equations, graphing, operations with polynomials, solving quadratics and solving word problems. 

MATH 1150: College Algebra – This course is the study of relations, functions and their graphs, equations and inequalities, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations and inequalities. 

MUSC 1010: Music Appreciation – The class is an introduction and overview of the history of Western art music, from the Middle Ages to modern times. It includes the elements of music, historical style periods and major composers and selected works.

NURA 1100: Nursing Assistant – This course trains a non-licensed individual to provide safe, effective and caring services to patients, resident and clients in a variety of health care settings. Upon successful completion, students receive a certificate from MPCC and qualify for placement on the State of Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry. The fee is $5. 

PHIL 1150: Intro to Logic and Critical Thinking - Students encounter an analytical method of language analysis, logic, fallacies, construction of valid arguments, the notion of evidence, relevant questioning and problem-solving techniques. 

PHED 1240: Golf – The one-credit hour, co-educational course is designed to introduce students to the sport of golf. Emphasis is placed on fundamental etiquette, skill techniques, rules and history of the leisure sport of golf. Students participate in the activity individually and within a group. The fee is $10. 

PHED 1260: Beginning Yoga – The co-educational course is designed to promote balance and strength for the body and mind. The class combines breathing, stretching and positive affirmations to relax the body and mind while creating strength and tone for total body wellness.

UPHR 1670: Couch Reconstruction and Upholstering – This class teaches frame and spring repair, pad replacement and how to recover large projects. The fee is $35. 

It's strongly recommended that those who want to register for a class make an advising appointment first by calling (308) 535-3701 in North Platte or (308) 345-8102 in McCook. 

MPCC provides numerous scholarships, grants and loans to qualified students. More information about financial assistance is available by calling (308) 535-3705 in North Platte or (308) 345-8112 in McCook. 

Heather Johnson
Area Communications Specialist

Heather produces and distributes press releases for the college. She began work at MPCC in 2014. Prior to that, she spent five years as the news director/web manager for Eagle Radio in North Platte. From 2009-2014 she worked as a reporter/photographer for The North Platte Telegraph. Heather has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Chadron State College.

Brent L. Cobb
McCook Community College News Bureau Coordinator​​​