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Mar 29
Inter-High contest sees highest numbers on record


A new category was added to the technical skills competitions at Inter High Day this year. Students deemed to be the "hardest workers" took home Mid-Plains Community College jackets. Pictured left to right are: MPCC President Ryan Purdy and the "hardest workers" of the day: Johnny Seery, of North Platte, Ethan Rosfeld, of Cody-Kilgore, and Matt Kahl, from Big Springs.

Students from 29 area high schools put their skills and knowledge to the test during the 50th annual Inter-High Scholastic Contest at North Platte Community College on Wednesday.

More than 230 applied technology tests were taken on North Campus and a record 800-plus academic tests were taken on South Campus. Kelly Rippen, the college's area dean of enrollment management, said the event just continues to grow every year.

"I have noticed over the years that there is a pride in competing in these exams," said Rippen. "Students really love to show off their skills, and we are honored they get to do it here. Our biggest goal is to recognize their talents and let them know we want them to continue to show off those talents at our college after they graduate."

The applied technology competitions consisted of both written test and hands-on elements. Students were judged in the areas of auto body, automotive/diesel, building construction, electrical, welding and heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

On the academic side, students took exams on everything from accounting and athletic training to chemistry and information technology. They presented 3-5 minute monologues in a dramatic arts competition and performed solo vocal and instrumental pieces among a variety of other activities.

Winners in each academic category received a medal and a $500 scholarship to the college. Additionally, those placing first through third earned certificates for up to three credit hours of tuition.

Winners in the applied technology categories also received scholarships and tuition vouchers, but instead of medals, took home equipment that applied to their particular test areas. The top three students deemed to be the "hardest workers" of the group were presented with college jackets.

Schools earned points based on how many winners they had. The top three point earning schools in each division received a plaque and a $500 scholarship to award to a student of the school's choice. Schools were also able to qualify for a scholarship by having any of their students place in the top three.

Results are as follows:



First –Spencer Pleschourt, Eustis-Farnam Public Schools

Second – Leslie Hase, Hershey High School

Third - Jeramy Bartels, South Platte High School


First – Robert Goodwin, Cody-Kilgore High School

Second – Sarah McAuliffe, Ogallala High School

Third – Chris Terry, Perkins County High School

Athletic Training

First – Erica Schufeldt, Hershey High School

Second – Clay Frels, Hershey High School

Third - Tayler  Berner, Leyton Public Schools

Biological Science

First – Cory Holsapple, North Platte High School

Second – Olivia Sis, Dundy County Stratton High School

Third - Leigh-Anne Lehmann, Eustis-Farnam Public Schools

Business Communications

First – Cora Brott, Paxton High School

Second – Dominic Naughtin, Sutherland High School

Third – Aaron Schaub, Maxwell High School


First – Brett Haidle, Callaway Public Schools

Second – Audra Kippes, Hyannis High School

Third - Mikah  Hoppens, Ogallala High School

Dramatic Arts Competition

First – Delane Hugunin, Eustis-Farnam Public Schools

Second - Case Axthelm, Brady Public Schools

Third – Victoria Norgaard, McCook High School

Fire Science/EMS

First - Colton Clark, Hershey High School

Second - Robi Grothman, Perkins County High School

Third – Michaela Schmid, North Platte High School

Grammar and Composition

First – Drew Minard, Southwest High School

Second – Jasmine Nelson, Arnold High School

Third – Jill Fitzsimmons, Southwest High School

Health Occupations

First – Haley Jones, Mullen High School

Second – Emma Young, North Platte High School

Third - Leigh-Anne Lehmann, Eustis-Farnam Public Schools

Information Technology

First - Gavin Ginn, Hitchcock County High School

Second – Joey Frailey, Sutherland High School

Third – Alex Porter, Southwest High School

Introduction to Business

First - Colin Hoatson, Sutherland High School

Second – Abigail Tschetter, Ogallala High School

Third – Brody Morgan, Leyton Public Schools

Literary Analysis

First – Marissa Newman, Hershey High School

Second – Taylor Mullen-Beck, Paxton High School

Third - Ashley Gragelund, Southwest High School


First – Chase Ochs, St. Pat's High School

Second - Isaac Stallbaumer, Callaway Public Schools

Third – Will Kisker, Hitchcock County High School

Music Instrumental

First – Isaac Aufrecht , North Platte High School

Second – Andrew Eschliman, McCook High School

Third - Kelsey Folchert, Hershey High School

Music Theory

First - Belinda Forseen, Mullen High School

Second – Nathan Kemling, Perkins County High School

Third – Derek Beckius, Paxton High School

NPCC Facts

First - Tonja Hahn, Sutherland High Schools

Second - Seth  Pearson, Callaway Public Schools

Third – Chase Ell, Callaway Public Schools

Personal Finance

First - Kenessa Copeland, Sutherland High School

Second – Payton Zarkowski, Dundy County Stratton Schools

Third – Leslie Aase, Hershey High School


First – Isaac Stallbaumer, Callaway Public Schools

Second – Peyton Stanczyk, Garden County High School

Third - Nathan Nicklas, Med Valley High School

Vocal Music

First – Case Axtheln, Brady Public Schools

Second – Hannah Sullivan, Wallace High School

Third - Kelsey Folchert, Hershey High School

Word Processing

First – Aaron Wheeler, Garden County High School

Second – Elsianna Rodewald, McCook High School

Third – Jessie Freeland, Dundy County Stratton Schools

Technical Trades:

Auto Body

First – Treven  Tuma, Ogallala High School

Second – Jonathan Foster, Sutherland High School

Third – Jacob  Frerichs, Leyton Public Schools        


First – Tyler Schroeder, Ogallala High School

Second – Joseph Waalkens, North Platte High School

Third – Sierra  Loving, North Platte High School

Building Construction (team)

First – Garret  Brenning, Josh Carter, CJ Martin - McCook  High School

Second - Seth  DeStefano, Tad Grasz , Jack Griffiths, Turner Nansel - Brady Public Schools

Third – Dalton Gartrell, Lyle Harms  - Paxton High School


First – Ethan Rosfeld, Cody-Kilgore High School

Second – Wyatt Williams, Ord Public Schools

Third – Jackson Rysthon, Ord Public Schools

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

First – Michael Jager, Cambridge High School

Second – Ethan Rosfeld, Cody-Kilgore High School

Third – Trace Mullen, Brady Public Schools

Welding Division 1

First – Brett Fisher, Hershey High School

Second – Johnny Seery, North Platte High School

Third - Trevor Alexander, North Platte High School

Welding Division 2

First – Max Diederich, Southwest High School

Second - Sean Anderson, Southwest High School

Third – Kyon Neal, McPherson County High School

Hardest Workers

Johnny Seery, North Platte High School; Ethan Rosfeld, Cody-Kilgore High School; Matt Kahl, South Platte High School

Top Three Point Winners:

Division 1:

First - Hershey High School

Second – Sutherland High School

Third - North Platte High School

Division 2:

First – Paxton High School

Second – Mullen High School

Third - Garden County High School

Division 3:

First – Callaway Public Schools

Second – Eustis-Farnam Public Schools

Third – Brady Public Schools

Heather Johnson
Area Communications Specialist

Heather produces and distributes press releases for the college. She began work at MPCC in 2014. Prior to that, she spent five years as the news director/web manager for Eagle Radio in North Platte. From 2009-2014 she worked as a reporter/photographer for The North Platte Telegraph. Heather has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Chadron State College.

Brent L. Cobb
McCook Community College News Bureau Coordinator​​​