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Jun 30
MPCC announces second round of summer classes


Registrations are now being accepted for the second round of summer classes at Mid-Plains Community College. Students can sign up for any of them the first week they are offered. Many start the first week of July. 

The classes include: 

ACCT 1025 Bookkeeping for Business - 3 credit hours 

The introductory class provides students with a basic knowledge of accounting terms, concepts and procedures. It features information about the accounting cycle for a service business, accounting for cash and payroll and the accounting cycle for a merchandising business. 

BSAD 1010 Personal and Professional Development - 3 credit hours 

The course puts a special emphasis on relating image and social awareness to job success. It covers on-the-job situations of problem-solving, time management, goal setting, business etiquette, listening skills, work groups and the relationship between productivity and job attitude. A major emphasis will be placed on developing productive work ethics. This class is designed for the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business. 

CSCE 1647 Advanced MS Office Excel - 1.5 credit hours

This course is designed to provide the advanced skills and concepts of using spreadsheet software in a hands-on environment. Students will benefit from the step-by-step approach that is emphasized in the course. The prerequisite is class CSCE 1644. 

EMTL 1110 CPR Rescuer - .5 credit hour 

This course is intended to provide the student with training, as an individual or as a team member, to administer adult, child and infant CPR. Use of an AED, pocket mask and bag valve mask will be explained. This class fulfills the CPR requirement for most other health-related trainings. The fee is $15, which covers the cost of a book and a two-year certification card.   

ENGL 1010 English Composition I - 3 credit hours 

English Composition I is designed to develop writing skills. Students write short papers and essays based upon their personal experience and/or assigned papers. The course emphasizes the clear written expression of ideas and the importance of organization, word choice, logic and sentence construction. The process of planning, writing, revising, researching, documenting and editing essays for a particular audience is also emphasized. Students must have achieved a 74 on the COMPASS writing exam or the equivalent on the ACT or SAT, or have passed ENGL 0990 with a "C" or higher. Students must have achieved an 80 on the COMPASS reading exam or the equivalent on the ACT or SAT, or have passed ENGL 0920 with a "C" or higher. 

ENGL 0990 College Prep Writing - 3 credit hours 

College Prep Writing is a review of grammar and sentence writing skills including the use of words, parts of speech, parts of a sentence, agreement of subject and verb, punctuation of sentences, vocabulary development and paragraph development. This course strengthens English proficiency before attempting college composition. This course does not satisfy the general education requirement for an associate degree and cannot be used as an elective. This course is not designed to transfer to a four-year college. This course can act as a prerequisite for ENGL 1010. Students who have achieved a writing COMPASS score between 39 and 73 or equivalent scores on the ACT or SAT, or who have passed ENGL 0980 with a "C" or higher are placed in this class. 

NURA 1100 Nursing Assistant - 4 credit hours 

This course will train a non-licensed individual to provide safe, effective and caring services to patients, residents and clients in a variety of health care settings. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion from MPCC and qualify for placement on the State of Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry. Students must be at least 16 to take this course. The fee is $5. 

NURA 1360 Medication Aide -3 credit hours 

The content of this course will meet the 40-hour training requirement by the Nebraska State Department of Health and Human Services, Credentialing Division for childcare providers, school staff and those providing medications in a recipient's home or ICF-MR or AL facility. Individuals must be at least 18 years of age to take this course. The prerequisite is NURA 1100 or permission from the course coordinator. 

PHYS 2990 STEM Summer Camp – 1 credit hour 

This camp is open to high school students ages 16 and older. The camp will begin with a discussion of the properties of planets and other objects in the solar system. Participants will then learn about the sun's energy, space travel and the eclipse, to include its rarity, importance and the science that will be simultaneously happening on Earth. The first 30 students to sign up for the camp will receive free tuition. 

More details about these and other classes can be found at It is recommended that those interested in registering make an appointment with an advisor first by calling (308) 535-3701 in North Platte or (308) 345-8102 in McCook. 

MPCC provides numerous scholarships, grants and loans to qualified students. For more information about financial assistance, call (308) 535-3705 in North Platte, or (308) 345-8112 in McCook. 

Heather Johnson
Area Communications Specialist

Heather produces and distributes press releases for the college. She began work at MPCC in 2014. Prior to that, she spent five years as the news director/web manager for Eagle Radio in North Platte. From 2009-2014 she worked as a reporter/photographer for The North Platte Telegraph. Heather has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Chadron State College.

Brent L. Cobb
McCook Community College News Bureau Coordinator​​​