Mid-Plains HVAC department benefits from new equipment

bending brake
Friday, December 1, 2023

The process of bending sheet metal just got a little bit easier for Mid-Plains Community College’s Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology department.

The department recently received $10,600 in Perkins Grant funds, which were used to purchase a Dreis and Krump “CHICAGO” Model SB 1016 hand-operated bending brake.

The metalworking machine exceeds industry standards. It is expected to make HVAC students more employable as it is comparable to equipment they will use in a professional setting.

“The machine will be used for sheet metal class, to build ductwork for the college’s auction house and for maintenance department projects,” said Rex Kemp, HVAC instructor. “It replaces another machine that was old and worn out. This one should last about 100 years if it’s taken care of properly.”

The new equipment allows students to cross break eight-foot pieces of sheet metal and create angles of up to 145 degrees.