About MPCC

Our Mission

Transforming lives through exceptional learning opportunities for individual student success

Fast Facts

Top 10 ranked Best Community College in America

79.3% Student Success Rate - students have graduation, are still enrolled, or have transfer to a 4-year university
Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education, 5 Jan. 2020

Area Headcount Enrollment
= 3,095 total students
2,465 from our service area
260 2018 HS Graduates


87% of Graduates Rate
MPCC Training High
76% of those same graduates employed within the 18-county service area
96% of those same graduates employed within the state of Nebraska

321 graduating high school seniors have earned 12 or more hours of college credit at MPCC

See how our mission guided our growth in the 2019-20 fiscal year

  • Academic Division standouts
  • Community Campus growth
  • Extended Business and Community Education programming
  • Athletic wrap-ups
  • Financial summaries
  • Enrollment summaries
  • Facility updates
  • And more

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Our Values

We value excellence in education through:

  • Integrity
  • Programs that enhance the quality of life for people and our region
  • Accessibility and affordability
  • Respect for our college, communities, and the people we serve
  • Open and honest communication
  • Safe, quality, and engaging environments
  • Continuous collaboration among all campuses

Our Strategic Plan

In the spring of 2018, a new approach was discussed by the College leadership that resulted in a new vision of being First Choice for our region for education, partnerships, employers, and employees.

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Ryan Purdy
Mid-Plains Community College President


Jody Tomanek
Vice President of Academic Affairs and NPCC


Kelly Rippen
Vice President of Student Affairs and MCC

Mike Steele

Mike Steele
Vice President of Administrative Services


Board of Governors

Our History

Throughout our history and continuing through the present, their enduring mission has been transforming lives through exceptional learning opportunities for individual student success.

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