MPCC offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Business with an emphasis in Agribusiness. The program encompasses the technologies of agriculture and business, management and production. The instructors don’t just teach about agriculture - they live it and relate that experience to their students.

By going through MPCC’s Agribusiness program, you are preparing yourself to work in a wide variety of ag-related environments, including production, processing, marketing, distribution, financing and the development of agricultural commodities.

MPCC is mindful of the fact that graduates who return to a family farm or ranch, or start their own, may at some point need another source of income to fall back on, which is why the curriculum is so comprehensive. The program will help you carry on a family tradition, but will also provide you with the education to diversify for sustainability if needed.

Employment opportunities with this degree may include the following:

• Financial managers
• Branch and Department manager
• Purchasing and Buyers for Farm Products
• Grain merchandisers
• Insurance agents
• Ag sales representatives
• Agribusiness office managers
• Loan officers and Loan services


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Agribusiness is growing much faster than other occupations at a rate of 14% growth.