A degree in mathematics will prepare you for a wealth of careers in a wide range of fields. Math majors study quantities, forms, and symbolic logic in such subjects as algebra, geometry, calculus, logic, topology, and number theory. As a math major, you’ll master this language and learn how to use it to describe the world.

MPCC offers Calculus I, II, and III as well as Differential Equations to get you started on a major in mathematics. We also meet the needs of elementary education majors by offering Modern Elementary School Mathematics I and II.

If you welcome puzzles and other intellectual challenges, gain enjoyment in finding patterns in the world, love to solve math problems to just to know the answer and enjoy studying abstract concepts, this could be the major for you.

Enrollment in most of the mathematics courses offered at MPCC require a certain placement score or appropriate grade on a prerequisite course. Incoming students will need to complete a placement exam and/or submit previous transcripts to determine placement into a math course.

Susanne Bolt
Mathematics Instructor
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Jared Daily
Math/Physics Instructor
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Joanna Jacobs
Mathematics Instructor
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Micah Marvin
Mathematics Instructor
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Alexa McCall
Mathematics Instructor
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Kevin O’Connor
Mathematics Instructor
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Chad Swanson
Mathematics Instructor
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