Do you like a job with variety?

Interested in a career that will allow you to work with your hands?

We can train you for that!

The Automotive Technology program at MPCC prepares students for careers as automotive service technicians and mechanics fully capable of inspecting, maintaining and repairing cars and light trucks.

Automotive service technicians and mechanics identify problems - often with computerized diagnostic equipment. They plan work procedures and conduct basic automotive care and maintenance tasks such as oil changes, fluid level checks and tire rotation. They are responsible for making sure any repairs are completed to manufacturer and customer specifications.

MPCC is cognizant of the fact that, although service technicians are expected to work on traditional mechanical systems, such as engines, transmissions and drive belts, they must also be familiar with a growing number of electronic systems. Braking, transmission and steering systems, for example, are controlled primarily by computers and electronic components.

Other integrated electronic systems, such as accident-avoidance sensors, are becoming common as well. Additionally, a growing number of technicians are required to work on vehicles that consume alternative fuels, such as ethanol and electricity.

MPCC prepares automotive service technicians and mechanics for whatever a job throws at them. Mid-Plains provides the fundamental knowledge, skills and training necessary for entry-level employment or career advancement. Electronics and computerization are emphasized to meet the changing demands of the automotive industry.

Award options include an Associate of Applied Science degree and five certificates:

  • Basic Engine and Electrical Repair
  • Transmission and Drive Line
  • Suspension and Alignment
  • Tune-up
  • Automotive Technology

Employment Opportunities

A variety of employment opportunities include automotive dealerships, independent repair shops, specialty repair shops, automotive sales, factory representative, or private ownership of a repair business.

Graduate with little to no college debt, with the assistance of these program-based scholarships

Applied Technologies Student

  • NPCC Foundation Dorothy Yont Scholarship
  • NPCC Foundation Sorenson Technical Scholarship
  • NPCC Foundation Technical Faculty Scholarship
  • NPCC Foundation John and Mary Hunter Technical Scholarship
  • Technical Student Preferably In Trade and Industrial Field
  • NPCC Foundation Trew-Shoemaker Scholarship Fund
  • Full-Time Building Construction Student from Lincoln County
  • B. L. Slim Hebblewaite

Other scholarships are available. Ask your enrollment counselor for details.

Scholarship awards vary from $500-$2,000 per year.

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Automotive Instructor
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Automotive Instructor
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