It’s not just trucks, tractors, power units or locomotives.

Training in the Diesel Technology Program at Mid-Plains Community College will provide you with an unlimited number of career options.

Some of MPCC’s diesel alumni work on oil wells in the ocean. Others maintain wind turbines and nuclear plants. The choice is yours. It just depends on whether you want to stay close to home or see the world.

If you do choose to stay in MPCC’s service area after completion of the program, work will be waiting for you. Mid-Plains diesel students are typically hired before they graduate, and because of demand, advancements in the field can come quickly - resulting in fast climbs up the salary ladder.

MPCC’s two-year course provides training in engine design and overhaul, electrical systems, air brake systems, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, diesel fuel and control systems, transmissions, axles, metals and welding.

Students train on the most up-to-date equipment on the market and have the option of earning an Associate of Applied Science Degree. Basic engine and electrical, powertrain, fuel systems and diesel technology certificates are also available.

A variety of employment opportunities includes diesel service departments, independent repair shops, factory representative or private ownership of a repair business. Industries employing diesel technicians include, but are not limited to, railroad, trucking, agriculture, and lumber. Government agencies and the military also offer employment opportunities. 

Graduate with little to no college debt, with the assistance of these program-based scholarships

Applied Technologies Student

  • NPCC Foundation Dorothy Yont Scholarship
  • NPCC Foundation Sorenson Technical Scholarship
  • NPCC Foundation Technical Faculty Scholarship
  • NPCC Foundation John & Mary Hunter Technical Scholarship
  • Technical Student Preferably In Trade and Industrial Field
  • NPCC Foundation Trew-Shoemaker Scholarship Fund

Other scholarships are available. Ask your enrollment counselor for details.

Scholarship awards vary from $500-$2,000 per year.

Kelley Cole
Diesel Instructor

Steven Kramer
Diesel Instructor