The short duration of the Electrical Technology program at Mid-Plains Community College means you will be in, out and part of the workforce in only one year.

Not only will that allow you to start earning money faster, but you will also spend less because you’re only paying for one year of college instead of two.

That doesn’t mean you will sacrifice quality, however. You will still gain all the technical knowledge and hands-on, real-world experience in residential and commercial wiring needed to be successful in the electrical industry. Basic electricity, blueprint reading, motors, motor controls, programmable logic controls and the National Electrical Code are just a handful of subjects you will study.

Through MPCC’s Electrical Technology program, you can choose to either take classes in the summer to learn about industrial controls, or embark on an internship.

The internship route will essentially put you on a job in nine months. You will be in the field, working for area industries, and afterward, you won’t have to go back to school. Your commitment to the program will be finished.

You will leave with a wealth of knowledge and experience and will have the option of earning either an Associate of Applied Science degree or a diploma.

The best part about the Electrical Technology program at MPCC? It’s customizable. No matter what type of electrical work you want to do, the college will work with you to meet those needs.

Successful completion of the one-year electrical program may enable you to obtain one year of credit toward a journeyman’s license. State and local requirements may vary.

Graduate with little to no college debt, with the assistance of these program-based scholarships

Applied Technologies Student

  • NPCC Foundation Dorothy Yont Scholarship
  • NPCC Foundation Sorenson Technical Scholarship
  • NPCC Foundation Technical Faculty Scholarship
  • NPCC Foundation John & Mary Hunter Technical Scholarship
  • Technical Student Preferably In Trade and Industrial Field
  • NPCC Foundation Trew-Shoemaker Scholarship Fund
  • Electrical Student
  • NPCC Foundation Electronics Scholarship Fund

Other scholarships are available. Ask your enrollment counselor for details.

Scholarship awards vary from $500-$2,000 per year.

Jake Elmshaeuser
Electrical Instructor
(308) 535-3656