The Practical Nursing (PN) Program will prepare students for entry-level practice as a licensed practical nurse. The concept-based curriculum provides a sequence of theory and clinical courses that allows for progression of knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for the graduates' entry into practice.

Clinical coursework is completed in a variety of local healthcare settings. State-of-the-art simulations create learning experiences that supplement actual clinical time. Upon successful completion of the PN Program, the graduate will be eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

Mid-Plains Community College’s LPN program is approved by the Nebraska State Board of Nursing. MPCC is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a member of the North Central Association.

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The Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) classes start in August. The LPN program has a selective admission process. Approval for admission will be granted by the faculty organization in the LPN program.

The application deadline for fall classes is due to the nursing department by January 15. Applicants who have met all admission requirements and have been selected by the faculty organization will be notified by March 1 of their acceptance into the program. An acceptance form will be sent to those applicants admitted; this form must be returned by the specified deadline to secure a position in the August class. A mandatory orientation will take place during the summer prior to beginning the nursing program. Applicants who are not placed in the August class or fail to attend the mandatory orientation will be placed on a candidacy status for the next year. For more information on the selective admission process contact the nursing department.

The nursing program includes nursing and non-nursing courses. Non-nursing courses may be taken at any MPCC location or transferred from an accredited college or university. The program includes a concept-based nursing curriculum and state-of-the-art simulations to improve student and program outcomes. Clinical sites will be in local hospitals, long term care facilities and various other community agencies and clinics.

Graduates have met the education eligibility requirement to take the National Council of State Board of Nursing Licensing Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN), which meets one requirement leading to state licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

The LPN program requires students to have a laptop meeting the following specifications to complete testing requirements while in the program.

Mid-Plains Community College's LPN program is approved by the Nebraska State Board of Nursing. MPCC is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a member of the North Central Association. 

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) can work in a variety of health care settings including hospitals, clinics, offices, long-term care facilities, among other areas. LPNs practice nursing under the direction of a registered nurse or licensed practitioner.

Through direction and the use of the nursing process, they provide nursing activities such as treatments, medications, and basic cares.

Admission Requirements

The applicant will need to have a completed file to be accepted into the LPN Program. Please read and comply with the following admission requirements.

  • Fulfill Mid-Plains Community College’s General Admission Requirements. (See catalog).
  • Complete application to Mid-Plains Community College specifying interest in the nursing program, specify Practical Nursing Program.
  • Submit official high school transcript or GED.
  • Submit official college or university transcripts if other than Mid-Plains Community College.
  • Submit ACT scores which must have a composite score of at least 21 with all subscores 19 or higher. OR complete Accuplacer testing. COMPASS/ESL® test scores are valid for three years and may be submitted in place of Accuplacer results. Scores will be used to determine admission into nursing programs. Accuplacer test scores must meet the nursing criteria of: Reading Comprehension 74, Sentence Skills 84, Arithmetic 75 COMPASS/ESL® test scores must meet the nursing criteria of: Pre-algebra 49; Reading 80; and Writing 74.
  • Must have 2 references from teachers and/or current employers. Submit name, position, and phone number.
  • Complete Math for Health Occupations course with a C + or higher. - Active status on the Nebraska Nursing Assistant Registry.
  • Must speak and understand the English language in order to communicate clearly with patients and staff. (Refer to information concerning international students).
  • Must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Test results valid for three years.

All general education courses must be completed with a C + or higher.

Due by First Day of Class

The following must be completed prior to beginning the program: Due dates will be given at mandatory orientation.

  • Immunizations must be current (refer to immunization form)
  • Current American Heart Association BLS CPR card
  • Proof of professional liability insurance
  • Criminal background check. Based on the outcome of the background check, a student may be prevented from entering the program due to inability to place in a clinical area. Please note: Misdemeanor or felony convictions may prevent a graduate from acquiring a state license. (Contact the State Board of Nursing with questions).
  • Approval of clinical facilities

Progression in Program

All NURS courses must be completed with a grade of 78% (C) or higher to progress through the program. All non-nursing courses must be completed with a grade of C+ or higher to progress through the program. Courses must be followed in the sequence of study. If a student receives a grade lower than a “C” in an NURS course or a “C+” in non-nursing courses during a given semester, withdrawal from the program is required. Unsatisfactory clinical performance will result in a non-passing grade for the nursing course.

If a student is required to withdraw from the nursing program, they will be required to reapply for the program per nursing student handbook requirements. If a student withdraws from the nursing program a second time, they will need to wait five years to reapply for admission.

Educational Advancement

LPNs may use their Practical Nurse education and experience to continue their education by completing the following:

  • Receive advanced placement into RN programs (subject to the RN programs’ policies.)

State Licensure or Certification Requirements

States where licensure or certification requirements are met by this program's curriculum – Nebraska.

No determination has been made for any other State as to whether the program's curriculum does or does not meet licensure or certification requirements.

If a student from a state outside of Nebraska is interested in this program, state licensure will be investigated.

Graduates of this program are eligible to apply to take the NCLEX-PN exam. Nebraska belongs to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) compact. Any student passing the NCLEX-PN exam in Nebraska may also practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in any of the other compact States without reapplying for a license in that state. Click on the following link to access all compact states:

Marina Makovicka MSN, RN
Health Occupations Division Chair
(308) 221-6417

Dr. Kathy Harrison MSN, RN
Director of Nursing
(308) 221-6408

Lana Albrecht-Watson MSN, RN
Nursing Instructor
(308) 221-6415

Mandy Flesch MSN, RN
Nursing Instructor
(308) 221-6411

Nicole Kissinger MSN, RN
Nursing Instructor
(308) 221-6409

Addie Schaeffer MSN, RN
Nursing Instructor
(308) 221-6416

Lindsay Schwartz MSN, RN
Nursing Instructor