Be challenged!
Tackle rigorous, high-level classes at a community college, who consistently ranks in the top 10 of all community colleges in the nation, from attentive instructors whose goal is to see you thrive!

Have fun!
Music is amazing! Enjoy fun-loving music instructors who love what they do and work to inspire your music dreams, whether in the classroom or on the stage.

Do you want the lead? Go for it!
Participate in our many ensembles, both vocal and instrumental all of which offer soloing opportunities.
Mid-Plains and the Fox Theater, our community theater offer many opportunities to perform and collaborate with the other fine-arts programs.

Perform with a wide variety of people from our surrounding area.
Vocalists enjoy the rare opportunity to perform in musicals with a pit orchestra.
Instrumentalists relish the rare opportunity to perform for musicals in a fun, welcoming pit orchestra.

We’re here to help!
Tutoring provided by 2nd-year music majors for 1st-year students. You can do it here!
Caring music faculty who work hard to help you succeed. Our doors are always open!
See why students, both traditional and non-traditional, love our smaller and personalized classes.

Save money!
Obtain your degree without drowning in financial debt. Scholarships are available!
Earn income as a tutor for 1st-year music majors and general music classes.

Continually build the program!
Help make the music program what you want it to be. We are continually looking to the future and working to add new ensembles and music opportunities for existing and future students.
What do you want to see happen in the Mid-Plains music department? We welcome student ideas and contributions!

Receive education from instructors who love music and teaching!
We love what we do!
We are proud to be a part of MPCC and a member of its family.

Upon completion of your bachelor’s degree, people with music degrees have a terrific background to work in all music-related fields and unexpected doors to other fields will be open as well. Graduates with a 4-year degree even go on to law school or medical school!

In fact, in 1994, an article published by Allan Miller and Dorita Coen entitled, "The Case for Music in the Schools”, noted that 66 percent of music major applicants were accepted into medical schools, whereas only 44 percent of biochemistry majors got in.

The authors speculated that med schools liked musicians because they work hard, can relieve stress more effectively, and seem like more rounded applicants in general.

The extensive employment list, some with average median pay includes:

  • Music Director: Conduct, direct, plan, and lead instrumental or vocal performances by musical artists or groups, such as orchestras, bands, choir, and glee clubs; or create original works of music. Annual Wage, Median: $51,670
  • Entertainment/Music Business Lawyer
  • Performer: Perform on stage, for broadcasting, or for sound or video recording. The national mean pay is: $39.96
  • Arranger/composer
  • Audio/recording engineer
  • Collaborative pianist
  • Church organist
  • Music critic
  • Teacher: K-12/College-level (may require graduate work). The national mean pay for K-12: $69,530. The national mean pay for College: $83,070
  • Concert manager
  • Sound/Broadcast technician. Average mean pay: $45,510
  • Music store manager
  • Music and Recording Arts Technology
  • Adjudicator
  • Clinician
  • Copyist
  • Historian
  • Lyricist
  • Music Agent
  • Music therapist
  • Music web producer
  • Music Instrument repair and tuning
  • Musicologist
  • Pit orchestra musician
  • Radio – programming, research, management
  • Talent Scout
  • Wellness (injury prevention and intervention) And MORE!

Full and partial tuition scholarships available.

Instrumental students are encouraged to bring a working instrument (piano players are understandably exempt.) We have a limited number of brass and woodwind instruments available.

Music majors are required to join NAfME (National Association for Music Educators, Nebraska chapter).

Kristin Simpson
Music Instructor - North Platte
(308) 535-3755

Dr. Mirna Cabrera
Music Instructor - McCook
(308) 345-8187