Why Support Scholarships?  

Student success stories demonstrate the why behind supporting scholarships at Mid-Plains Community College: 

“Scholarships are a testament to my hard work and give me the drive to make my family, my educators, and those who make the scholarship possible proud.” – Kandace Ward, North Platte

Scholarships can be unrestricted or based on criteria selected by the donor that may specify a program or area of study, such as nursing, health sciences or business.  

Additional elements can pertain to grade point average, year of study and federal-based financial need.  

Scholarships may also be based on academic merit.  

North Platte Community College Foundation Scholarships 

Named Endowed Scholarships  

Named endowment scholarships are invested by the North Platte Community College Foundation and the principal amount (original donation) is never touched. Only market earnings for the year are awarded out as scholarship(s) or program support.

These scholarships are perpetual and will be forever managed by the NPCC Foundation even after a donor’s lifetime. Donors may create criteria for the funding of scholarships or program support. For example, they may designate the scholarship to benefit a student based on academic major or geographic location, or they may establish an endowment for support of a particular department or program (for equipment or other needs).

The minimum dollar amount to establish a named endowment is $10,000, which can be funded over a period of up to five years. Named endowments may also be established and funded through estate gifts. The yearly dollar amount of scholarship(s) or program support awarded may naturally increase with the size of the endowment principal, or the donor may choose to make additional gifts towards the principal each year to increase the size of the award.

Donors may add additional principal at any point and can encourage others to donate to the named endowment, as well. To establish a named endowment please contact the MPCC Institutional Advancement Office. 

Annual Scholarships    

Individuals and organizations have established annual scholarships that are funded by yearly donations to the NPCC FoundationThe MPCC Financial Aid Office awards the scholarship through the institutional application, selection, and award process.

Donors can fund annual scholarships through the NPCC Foundation in a variety of ways: annual payment(s), a one-time donation, or periodic donations. The donor may request that the NPCC Foundation distribute the entire amount of the donation be paid out during the first year or over a specified number of years.

The minimum donation to create an annual scholarship is $500. When the money is exhausted, the scholarship no longer exists unless the donor chooses to make subsequent donations. If you are interested in establishing an annual scholarship or would like more information, please contact the MPCC Institutional Advancement Office.

Applicant Information 

NPCC students can visit the financial aid webpage for the application process and deadline.