At MPCC, assessment is divided into two general areas:

  1. Instructional
  2. Non-instructional

While information gathering processes for the two areas are different, the underlying philosophy is the same.

Instructional Assessment

The goal of Instructional Assessment, whether it is focused on general education, program, or a course, is to answer the questions:

  • Are students achieving intended course and program outcomes?
  • If yes, what is working?
  • If not, what isn’t working and needs to be changed?

General Education Assessment

In Spring of 2018, MPCC revised its general education outcomes, added performance indicators for each outcome, and created a 3-year rotation in which each outcome will be formally assessed.

General Education Outcomes and Assessment Rotation

Upon completion of Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Fine Arts, Associate of General Studies, orAssociate of Applied Science successful students should be able to demonstrate and apply:


Year Assessed

Effective written communication skills


Mathematics skills


Information literacy competencies


Scientific inquiry skills


Critical thinking skills


Effective oral communication skills


Cultural awareness


Non-Instructional Assessment

The end result of MPCC’s Non-Instructional Assessment process is the Cabinet/Assessment Team report.  Once a year, all areas/departments report to the College Cabinet on what goals were met or not met, explain why, and clarify goals for the upcoming year.  Goals, measurements, and expectations are generated within the individual departments. Assessment staff provide technical assistance and facilitate data requests.

Many departmentgoals are aligned with objectives from MPCC’s current strategic plan and connect to the college mission of “transforming lives through exceptional learning opportunities for individual student success.”

Assessment Leadership Team

At MPCC, leadership, guidance, and feedback for institutional assessment comes from the Assessment Leadership Team (ALT).  Originally established in 2006, the team did not meet from 2010-2013 due to turnover in administration and personnel directly responsible for assessment. In the Fall of 2013, the ALT was reestablished as a result of AQIP Action Project #11. 

The ALT’s purpose is to recommend, facilitate, support policies, processes, and practices used by MPCC for assessing and improving student learning in instructional areas and student success and satisfaction in non-instructional areas.

Instructional Assessment Reports

2019-20 Interim Instructional Assessment Report (PDF)

2018-19 General Education Assessment Report (PDF)

2017-18 Instructional Assessment Report (PDF)

2015-16 Instructional Assessment Report (PDF)

Non-Instructional & Student Affairs Assessment Reports

2018-19 Non-Instructional Assessment Report (PDF)

2016-17 Student Affairs Assessment Report (PDF)

2015-16 Student Affairs Assessment Report (PDF)