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With locations in McCook and North Platte South Campus and services available virtually, we are your one-stop shop for help outside the classroom. From database access to tutoring to research help, we are here to help you succeed academically.

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McCook Learning Commons Summer Hours:

Sunday: Closed
Monday-Thursday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Friday: 8:00am – 4:30pm
Saturday: Closed

North Platte Learning Commons Summer Hours:

Sunday: Closed
Monday-Thursday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Friday: 8:00am – 4:30pm
Saturday: Closed

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LibSearch is the Mid-Plains library search and catalog. Access, print, and request articles, books, peer-reviewed content, databases, journals, video, images and more online 24/7.

Can't find the item you are looking for in LibSearch? Fill out the Interlibrary Loan Request form and we will request it from another institution at no charge to you!

All Mid-Plains users have access to Libby.

Libby provides free access to ebooks and audiobooks you can read on your phone or tablet, Kindle, or on your browser.

Access Libby here, or on your MyMPCC Apps page!

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The following technology is available for check out to all students for free:

  • Laptops
    • Single day use laptops
    • Semester long use laptops
  • Calculators
  • OWL 360 webcams and speakers
  • Frisbee golf disc sets (McCook only)
  • Wacom tablets
  • DVD Player (McCook only)

Please contact the Learning Commons for more information.

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The Learning Commons offers free peer tutoring for all students in most subjects.

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Both Learning Commons have PC and iMacs available for use during open hours.

Printing, copying, and scanning is available at both Learning Commons. Details about printing balances can be found on the MPCC Campus Card page.

Microsoft Office is available for free to students who are currently attending Mid-Plains Community College.

Follow this guide to download Microsoft Office.

Office 365 includes Office Online (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote), and OneDrive storage.

All MPCC locations, including the Learning Commons, offer free WiFi access for students and community members.

Students may be eligible for discounted at home internet access and laptop discounts through the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Learn more about getting a Campus Card.

Once you’ve submitted your photo, you can choose to pick up your Campus Card at the Learning Commons.

The replacement fee for lost or broken cards is $10, payable in person or online.

The Learning Commons offers study groups as well as Writing and Math Labs.

North Platte South Campus Learning Commons
Math Lab
Tuesday 1-2pm
Wednesday 9am-12pm

No study groups offered at this time. Please contact us if you would like to start one.

McCook Learning Commons
Writing Lab (Held in McMillen 221)
Tuesday 9am-12pm
Thursday 9am-12pm

No study groups offered at this time. Please contact us if you would like to start one.

Testing hours at both Learning Commons locations during fall and spring semester are:

Monday – Thursday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Friday: 8:00am – 4:30pm

North Platte
Monday – Thursday: 8:00am – 7:00pm
Friday: 8:00am – 4:30pm

We offer Accuplacer testing (for placement into English and Math classes), test proctoring for MPCC classes, and testing for outside institutions. Testing for outside institutions may incur a fee.

No test will be given less than one hour before testing time end. Without an appointment, a testing spot is not guaranteed. Please call ahead to schedule your testing time.

Career Assessment tests are given by Career Services.

The Learning Commons offers modern study spaces with a variety of options for students.

Tables and booths offer integrated USB and power outlets.

Study rooms offer large display monitors for easy collaboration. Study rooms are first-come, first-serve unless they are reserved. Students can reserve study rooms for up to two weeks in advance by contacting Learning Commons staff.

By using the Mid-Plains Learning Commons you agree to the following guidelines:


  1. MPCC faculty, staff, and students (including those under 19 years of age) with a valid MPCC identification are eligible for borrowing privileges.
  2. Nebraska residents 19 years of age or older with a valid photo ID and proof of current address are eligible for borrowing privileges. Proof of current address includes driver’s license, a stamped piece of mail to the user within the last 30 days, or other official documentation at staff’s discretion.
  3. Current user identification will be required to checkout materials. Identification includes, but is not limited to, MPCC Campus Card, driver’s license, state ID, or other identification at staff discretion.
  4. By checking out materials, users agree to be financially responsible for all materials borrowed under their name.
  5. All users from the community under the age of 13 must have a parent, guardian, or care giver (over 19) present with them to be in the Learning Commons.
  6. Violation of any college or Learning Commons policies, rules, or staff directions may be grounds for privilege suspension.
  7. The Learning Commons will cooperate with local, state, and federal authorities in the prosecution of crimes committed against, through, or upon Learning Commons’ equipment and resources.
  8. Users are responsible for verifying the Learning Commons has accurate contact information on file.


  1. Computers in the Learning Commons are primarily provided for Mid-Plains students. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Community users are welcome; however, their daily computer time is based on computer availability for student use.
  2. Laptop use and checkout are restricted to MPCC users.
  3. Learning Commons computers and laptops remove all personal data during the restart process. Users are advised to save their materials to flash drive, cloud, or by printing.
  4. Staff will provide simple assistance with technology. For complex issues, users will be referred to the appropriate parties.


The following activities are restricted in the MPCC Learning Commons:

  1. Online gambling
  2. Online gaming
  3. Sex and pornography sites
  4. Using resources for unauthorized or illegal purposes
  5. Running a business/organization or performing work to support a business or income
  6. Installation or download of any software on Learning Commons equipment
  7. Unauthorized access, including hacking


  1. Photocopy requests will be made in accordance with Title 17 of the United States Code. Users are responsible for understanding fair use of materials.
  2. Community users will be charged $0.10 per black and white copy side, $0.50 per color copy side, and $1.50 per page of lamination. Payment is due before printing, copying, or laminating.
  3. Document scanning is available at no charge.


  1. All circulating materials must be checked out at the front desk before leaving the Learning Commons.
  2. It is the user’s responsibility to know when materials are due and to contact the Learning Commons to ask for an extended due date if necessary.
  3. MPCC employees may have extended borrowing privileges for materials.
  4. Checkout periods are determined by user status, user group, and material type.
  5. Electronic resources such as e-books and online databases are available to MPCC users and on the college computers located in the Learning Commons. The credentials for login are specific to each individual and are not to be shared.
  6. Users may review their accounts by logging onto libsearch.mpcc.edu or contacting the Learning Commons.


  1. The Learning Commons sends out overdue notices via email.
  2. Overdue notices are sent out as a courtesy to all users, but users are liable for fines and fees whether or not an overdue notice has been received.


  1. The MPCC Learning Commons do not charge daily overdue fines for MPCC materials.
  2. Interlibrary Loan materials may incur additional overdue fines or replacement fees, which are determined by the lending library.
    1. Fines for ILL and replacement fees will apply regardless of holidays, vacations, and intersessions. Users are responsible for keeping track of their due dates and ensuring materials are returned before any Learning Commons closure.


  1. Materials that are not returned before their due date will be deemed to be Overdue and then declared Lost.
  2. A replacement fee and a $5.00 processing fee will be charged for every Lost item on an account.
  3. If the items are returned within 90 days of Lost status, in good condition, and the item has not been paid for yet, the charges will be waived.
  4. After 90 days, the material(s) will be considered property of the user and the charges must be paid to resume borrowing privileges.
  5. The Learning Commons will not issue refunds for materials returned after payment has been received for the materials.
  6. Abuse of this return procedure may result in revocation of borrowing privileges.


  1. Learning Commons staff make an effort to note damage before an item is allowed to circulate. If users find a damaged item on the shelf, they are responsible for informing the staff of the damage at check out.
  2. If an item is returned damaged, the user will be charged a replacement fee and a $5.00 processing fee for every damaged item.
  3. If an item is returned in a condition that requires cleaning, a $25 cleaning fee will be charged to the account.


  1. Borrowing privileges may be blocked on accounts that have overdue items, Lost items, or charges.
  2. Users with blocked accounts are unable to check out, renew materials, or place holds.
  3. Students with Lost items or charges on their account will have a hold placed on their student account at the college until Lost items are returned and/or charges are paid. A hold will prevent students from requesting a transcript or registering for classes.


  1. The Learning Commons accepts payment in person by cash or check. Users wishing to pay by credit card should contact the Learning Commons for more details.
  2. Please call to verify the amount owed before sending any payment by mail.
  3. Check payments made by mail, payable to Mid-Plains Community College, may be sent to:

McCook Learning Commons
1205 E 3rd Street
McCook, NE 69001


  1. Interlibrary Loans (ILL) supplement resources in the MPCC Learning Commons. Users should attempt to search MPCC resources before requesting material through ILL. Allow for at least 1 week for delivery of materials.
  2. ILL service is limited primarily to current MPCC faculty, staff, and students in good standing. Service to emeritus faculty will be provided as time and resources permit and after the needs of the current faculty, staff, and students are met.
  3. MPCC does not provide ILL services to Community Users.
  4. The Learning Commons ILL services will pay domestic shipping, processing, and the first $10.00 toward any additional fees from the loaning library to obtain an ILL for a user. This covers the majority of ILL requests. If the cost of obtaining the ILL exceeds $10.00, the user will be contacted to confirm if they are willing to pay the difference to proceed with the loan request.
  5. The charge for Lost or damaged items will be determined by the lending library. The person borrowing the item will be responsible for any charges, including processing fees, for any items they lost, did not return, or damaged. ILL fines, once billed, will not be waived or refunded once paid.
  6. Renewals of items loaned to MPCC users will be at the discretion of the lending library.
  7. Photocopy requests will be made in accordance with Title 17 of the United States Code.
  8. The MPCC Learning Commons are bound by any restrictions placed on loans by the lending library. These may include restricting use of material to within the Learning Commons, obtaining a signature of the user, and/or prohibiting photocopying.
  9. Digital copies of materials may be delivered to the user via email. Photocopies and other material will be available for pick-up at the Learning Commons.


  1. The Learning Commons accepts unrestricted gifts of books, periodicals, CDs, and DVD videos with the understanding that they will be added to the collection at the discretion of Assistant Director of the Learning Commons. The same principles of selection which are applied to purchases are applied to gifts. The Assistant Director has the right to refuse any items.
  2. Personal property, portraits, antiques, and other museum objects will not be accepted.
  3. The Learning Commons staff do not appraise materials. The Assistant Director may sign a document stating what materials were received and the number of items received, but no dollar amount for value can be stated. The Assistant Director will notify the Institutional Advancement Office to make sure the appropriate college foundation (McCook College Foundation or North Platte Community College Foundation) accepts the donation, and the foundation will issue a tax acknowledgement letter.


To help inform donors as to what is an appropriate gift and to ensure that gifts are properly placed in the Learning Commons collection, the following procedures have been adopted:

  1. Gifts to the Learning Commons may be accepted by the Learning Commons staff. Individuals planning to donate should contact the Learning Commons ahead of time.
  2. The Learning Commons staff reserves the right to refuse any donation.
  3. The Learning Commons reserves the right to dispose of any accepted materials as the Learning Commons deems appropriate in accordance with its needs. The Learning Commons staff will decide where gift materials will be placed in the collection. Any restrictions requested by donors must be approved by the Assistant Director at the time the gift is made.
  4. Materials accepted by the Learning Commons become the property of the college and/or appropriate foundation and are subject to the policies and procedures that govern the college and/or appropriate foundation.
  5. Donors are asked to bring gifts to the Learning Commons. Staff will not pickup donated items.
  6. Each donor may request to receive a letter from the Assistant Director acknowledging the gift. Tax acknowledgment letters will be provided by the appropriate college foundation.
  7. In accordance with the Statement on Appraisals of Gifts adopted by the Association of College and Research Libraries, the Learning Commons, as an interested party, cannot make appraisals of gifts. The Learning Commons will assist in the identification of a qualified appraiser. Acceptance of a gift does not mean the Learning Commons endorses an appraisal.


The MPCC Learning Commons supports the American Library Association's statement on "Confidentiality of Library Records." Confidentiality extends to "information sought or received, and materials consulted, borrowed, acquired," and includes database search records, reference interviews, circulation records, interlibrary loan records and other personally identifiable uses of Learning Commons materials, facilities, or services. All information regarding Learning Commons users and materials checked out to them is confidential and is not to be made available to any individual or agency of the state, federal or local government except under issuance of a court order or as otherwise required by law. Any individual or agency seeking such information should be referred to the Assistant Director of the Learning Commons.

College employees may not use or access the information contained in user records except for authorized work-related purposes. Some examples of unauthorized uses of user records follow, but this list is designed as a guide and is not exhaustive.

  1. Employees are prohibited from revealing the identity of a user to whom any item is checked out, or to whom it was previously checked out.
  2. Employees are prohibited from revealing circulation information relative to which students in a class did or did not check out items that were on reserve to anyone, including the class instructor.
  3. Employees are prohibited from providing information contained in or attached to a user record to any person except a college employee who has a legitimate work-related purpose or to the user who presents photo identification. This includes (but is not limited to) fine balances, claim returned or block/sanction information, specific number of or list of items checked out, or generalized topics of materials checked out.
  4. Employees who have password authority to update a user record are prohibited from including unauthorized or inappropriate messages, notes, blocks, etc.
  5. Employees may access and modify user records for authorized work-related purposes only.

It is the MPCC Learning Commons procedure that misuse of information contained in the user database will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

The Mid-Plains Community College Learning Commons reserve the right to modify this procedure at any time. The Mid-Plains Community College Learning Commons are guided by the principles of the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and its Interpretive Statement on Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks.


The Learning Commons select materials primarily for curriculum support and research activities of the students, faculty, and staff of Mid-Plains Community College (MPCC). The purpose of these guidelines is to provide consistency among the persons responsible for collection development and to communicate guidelines to the faculty, staff, students, and the community. 


The Mid-Plains Community College (MPCC) Learning Commons Library provides high quality collections; staff, services and physical spaces that support the study, teaching, and research needs of MPCC students, faculty, and staff; and promotes the effective use of these resources.

In fulfilling this mission, the Learning Commons is guided by principles and priorities that include:

  • Focus on the MPCC curriculum
  • Support lifelong learning by teaching information literacy
  • Developing competency skills as integral to an MPCC education
  • Ease and continuity of access to resources in all formats
  • Continuing education and development of staff
  • Collaboration with campus departments, academic libraries, and other partners
  • Respect for individuals, for diverse points of view, and for the free exchange of ideas
  • Confidentiality of Learning Commons records and privacy of Learning Commons users
  • The American Library Association Bill of Rights


The main audience for these guidelines is the college community of faculty, staff, students, and administrators. Other users and potential resource sharing partners may also find the guidelines useful.


The primary subject areas collected are those that support the instructional and research activities of the college. The majority of print materials are arranged by the Library of Congress Classification System.


The Learning Commons recognizes the importance of collaborating with faculty, staff, students, and administrators in selection and deselection. The Learning Commons welcomes requests and recommendations.  To suggest specific materials, please use the Materials Request form found on CampusWeb. Final responsibility for the development and maintenance of collections rests with the Assistant Director of the Learning Commons.  The Assistant Director of the Learning Commons will work within the constraints of the budget and follow the principles below:


Ongoing publications (journals, databases) receive the initial allocation.  Remaining funds are allocated for one-time expenditures (books, DVDs, CDs, E-resources). Based on institutional priorities, the Learning Commons allocates materials budget by subject and research need. 


The Learning Commons participates in a statewide consortium. As a member of the Nebraska Library Commission consortium, the Learning Commons receives discounts for the acquisition and/or licensing of electronic content.  The Learning Commons are also members of the OCLC Interlibrary Loan Program and a regional consortium within OCLC that lends free to other consortium members.  We are able to obtain most requested items from within the US, free of charge.


The Learning Commons acquires and/or licenses resources produced in all formats but reserve the right to reject purchasing in a format considered obsolete, outdated, or unproven. Generally, the Learning Commons does not purchase multiple copies of any title. All purchases depend on the availability of funds. Selection criteria of all material includes:

  • Does the material qualify as “course material”? If yes, can it be used to support the overall collection or research material needs?
  • Is the material timely or does it have historical value?
  • Is it important to a particular program? Have faculty in the subject area recommended the material for purchase? Is it important to professional or institutional development?
  • Has the material been reviewed in a professional journal? What is known of the author(s) and the authority of those reviewing the material?
  • Does the material have the appropriate level of approach to its subject? Is it intended for an audience such as that served by the college?
  • How does the material relate to what is already in the college collection? Does it duplicate, supplement, or supersede what is already in the collection?
  • Will the material support intellectual freedom? Does the Learning Commons have materials presenting diverse points of view on current and historical issues which will help students develop critical and analytical thinking skills?
  • Is the material or a selection of the material created by an MPCC faculty, staff, or student?
  • Does the material qualify as a text that supports students in developing interest and proficiency in reading?

Types of materials collected by the Learning Commons includes:


The Learning Commons acquires books in print or in electronic format, with preference given to electronic format to promote and support online education.

Electronic Resources

E-resources acquired and/or licensed include, but are not limited to, online databases, online journals, electronic books, and streaming media collections. Due to the unique nature of e-resources, the Learning Commons uses special criteria for selection:

  • Offer access to full text when available.
  • Provide accurate, current, and continuously updated information.
  • Offer significant advantage over comparable print resource.
  • Display a clear layout and design.
  • Allow the option to save, print, download, share, and email results and articles.
  • Allow best possible search results and retrieval options.
  • Funds from the materials budget can sustain the cost for the foreseeable future.
  • Mandate few or reasonable restrictions on the number of users or points of access.

Magazines and Newspapers

The Learning Commons has limited print newspapers and magazines in the collection. Selection of magazines and newspapers is determined by local interest, as well as the general selection criteria.


The Learning Commons acquires a limited number of sound and visual recordings on DVD, CD and streaming media.


Children’s Books

The McCook Learning Commons acquires children’s books primarily to provide a working collection for students enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program and provide reading resources for our students with children.


The Learning Commons maintains a limited number of textbooks in the circulating collection.

Gift Materials

Gift materials are subject to the same criteria for addition to the collection as purchased materials. Please refer to the Gift and Donation Guidelines and Procedures in the Learning Commons Guidelines.

Special Collections

The Learning Commons’ Special Collections consist of materials from the Administration and Nursing Libraries.


Deselection and replacement are important aspects of collection evaluation. Responsibility and authority for the preceding activities rest with the Assistant Director of the Learning Commons and the Resource Specialists.

Deselection is an essential, continuing practice in which materials are removed permanently from the Learning Commons’ collections. Whenever possible, both teaching faculty and Learning Commons personnel participate in the process to ensure that publications of historical or research significance are not discarded.  The following criteria are utilized for deselection:

  • Relevance
    Material available in the Learning Commons should remain relevant. Deselection should follow the same guidelines as selection, as listed above under Selection Guidelines.
  • Currency
    The content of the Learning Commons materials should be accurate and up to date. Materials that are superseded by newer, revised, or updated editions may be deselected. The Learning Commons take into consideration faculty and students whose scholarship and teaching require the use of historical texts in areas such as psychology, mathematics, and physics.
  • Usage
    Low or no usage may be a factor in deselection decisions. Learning Commons personnel may consult circulation statistics or other reports to determine viable candidates for deselection.
  • Physical Condition
    Materials that are badly deteriorated or damaged and beyond reasonable preservation efforts will be deselected.
  • Duplicates
    Because of space limitations the Learning Commons may deselect duplicate copies of materials. Learning Commons staff will take into consideration the need to have more than one copy of a title on hand, especially for materials that are heavily used.
  • Completeness
    Materials that are part of a multi-volume set of which the Learning Commons do not have all volumes may be deselected.
  • Format Obsolescence
    Materials in obsolete formats may be deselected if the content is available elsewhere or if the material is in poor condition.

Materials in various formats that are missing, lost, damaged, or withdrawn are not automatically replaced. Potential replacements are evaluated using the same criteria for selection as regularly acquired and /or licensed items. Heavily used materials will be replaced as funding permits.


The Area Assistant Director of the Learning Commons and other designated Learning Commons personnel will review the Collection Management Guidelines annually.


The library community has adopted various documents defining aspects of intellectual freedom. The Learning Commons supports the American Library Association’s Bill Of Rights, Freedom To Read Statement, and the American Film and Video Association’s Freedom to View Statement. The Learning Commons also endorses the Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries as approved by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Board of Directors. Any individual or group questioning the appropriateness of materials within the collection will be referred to the Area Assistant Director of the Learning Commons.


Materials in the Learning Commons are selected to support the needs of the college community based on the Collection Development Guidelines. A member of the college community who has concerns about material in the collection for any reason may meet with the Assistant Director of the Learning Commons. If the person is not satisfied after speaking with the Assistant Director, they may begin the process of filing a formal Request for Reconsideration.

A member of the college community who wishes to request the reconsideration of material must file a fully completed formal written Request for Reconsideration using the college-provided form. The material will not be removed from circulation during the Request for Reconsideration process. The request will be reviewed by the Reconsideration Committee. A determination will be made in accordance with the Learning Commons and college policy and procedures. The person will receive a final written response to the submitted Request for Reconsideration within 90 days of the Learning Commons receiving the request.

The Learning Commons adheres to provisions of the United States Copyright Law and related guidelines.

McCook Learning Commons
von Riesen Library

North Platte Learning Commons
MB 146 South Campus