Add/Drop, Withdrawal and Billing Appeal Process

This page provides students and authorized representatives instructions on how to request an exception to an add, drop, refund or withdrawal deadline or to a college housing or financial policy, and outlines the appeal process1.

1. Students (or authorized representatives2) initiate this process by submitting a written request for exception to an add, drop, refund or withdrawal deadline (according to deadlines published for each course section within CampusWeb’s homepage) or to a college housing or financial policy as outlined within Student Accounts or Residence Life documents and handbooks.

a. The request is submitted via electronic form3.

b. The request should include:

        1. student’s name and current contact information (telephone, USPS address, e-mail address),

        2. specific details defining what the student would like to have happen and why, including all of the following that apply: course name(s), code(s) and location(s), instructor information, campus location for housing, what the desired appeal outcome would be, and justification as to why the appeal should be granted,

        3. documentation that provides evidence that unusual circumstances prevented the student from taking action within standard deadlines. NOTE: Appeals based upon medical circumstances, births, deaths, and incarceration require documentation that supports the appeal.

2. A copy of the student’s request is forwarded to faculty who taught the relevant course section(s), asking for dates of student’s participation and any other information that may help appeal panel members reach a decision that is as equitable as possible to both the student and the college.

3. Panel members, including representatives of Student Success, Student Life, Student Accounts, Registration & Records, Financial Aid and Advising, research each area of representation and provide pertinent information to all other panel members as soon as possible following receipt of a student’s request.

4. Panel members review all collected information and submit votes for resolution.

5. In the case of tie votes, the student’s request and all collected information are forwarded to Vice President of Administrative Services and/or Vice President of Student Services, depending upon the type of request under consideration, for review and final decision.

6. Notification will be sent to the student via e-mail or hard-copy letter as soon as possible following a decision being reached. If there are stipulations that must be met before registration can occur (i.e. payment due for a course that has already ended, application for admission, etc.), they must be met within 10 business days of the notification being sent to the student. An extension may be granted if there are extenuating circumstances; however, the student must contact the Appeal Panel Coordinator for the extension within the initial 10 business days. If any stipulations are not met, the appeal decision will be updated to denied.


1MPCC also offers students the opportunity to submit Grade Appeals and Financial Aid Suspension Appeals. If your appeal is concerning your grade(s), refer to the Student Handbook. If your appeal is concerning financial aid eligibility, contact

2Authorized representatives include the student's next of kin, power of attorney, or personal representative when medical or legal circumstances prevent the student from initiating the appeal. Authorized representatives also include high school instructors or counselors for early entry students or college faculty and staff when an error by said person caused the need for the appeal.

3Appeals may also be sent to if the electronic form is not accessible