Donor Recognition

In 2006, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of McCook Junior College, the McCook College Foundation proudly sponsored the establishment of a Donor Recognition Program at MCC. In November, 2006, the “Donor Tree of Life” and “Wall of Honor” were dedicated in McMillen Hall to recognize benefactors who have supported the individual student, constructed and expanded facilities, and promoted and enhanced educational opportunities at McCook Community College. In establishing this Donor Recognition Program, the foundation honors MCC’s legacy of excellence, success, pride, and generosity, gratefully acknowledges the long history of philanthropy for MCC, and implements recognition for all future donors as follows:

$1,000 and Above Benefactor (Cumulative) Donor Tree of Life
$50,000 and Above Founding Benefactor - New Facilities Wall of Honor
$50,000 and Above Major Benefactor - All Other Support Wall of Honor

Each year, the number of donors within each category will increase as individuals and organizations reach Benefactor status by donating to the continued support of campus facilities, programs and activities, and the students we all serve. Below is a listing from the Wall of Honor which recognizes our Founding Benefactors and Major Benefactors as of March 1, 2012. This donor listing will be updated annually.

Wall of Honor​​​​​

Wall of Honor

Founding Benefactor

  • Catherine Barnett
  • Suzanne Barnett
  • Lloyd and Elizabeth Benjamin
  • Mary Brady Estate
  • Maude McMillen
  • Ralph von Riesen
  • Pearl Wrightstone Estate

Major Benefactor

  • Anna Bearg Estate
  • Lloyd and Elizabeth Benjamin
  • Dorothy Chambers
  • Ester Trantow Dobbie Estate
  • Graff Family, Inc.
  • Hormel Family Foundation
  • Ben F. Hormel Lead Trust
  • Elinor Karrer Estate
  • Melba B. Loker Estate
  • Van and Jan Korell
  • McCook National Bank- Graff-Thomas Family
  • MNB Financial Group, Inc
  • Gwendolyn McKenzie Estate
  • Frank Murray Estate
  • Maude Neubauer Estate
  • Myatt W. Volentine Estate
  • Volentine Family Foundation
  • Dr. Henry & June Weeth
  • Julia Wiedman Estate
  • Helen L. Wolfe Estate

Tree of Life

Tree of Life ​

Benefactors ​honored on the Tree of Life.​

Acme Touch Printing
Helen Allen Non-Trad. Schlp
Harold Amen
AmFirst Bank
AmFirst Bank, Hayes Center
Amoco Found. Match /Haag Schlp
Roland and Marilyn Anderjaska
Anderson Motors, Inc.
Ault Furniture
Automotive Sales & Service Co.

Charles Barber
Barnett Lumber
Catherine Barnett
Suzanne Barnett
E. P. Baruth Memorials
Dr. John Batty
A.E. Baum, Inc.
Beard Oil Company
Anna L. Bearg Estate
Ben Franklin Store/Dick Mitchell

Lloyd & Elizabeth Benjamin
Benjamin, Petersen, Kasl & Assoc
Best Floral
Beta Sigma Phi
Alexander and Willetta Bieker
Bob Cobb Pontiac
Kenneth Bollerup Memorials
Mary Brady Estate
Donald and Marilyn Brandt
Breland Chapel

Brooks Studio
J. Bryant Brooks
Jim Brooks/Gateway Realty
James and Katherine Broz
Gene A. Budig
Jon and Pat Burkey
Burlington Northern Foundation
Tim and Sharon Burrows
Burrow Vision Clinic
Bill and Cora Burton

C & Cork
Earl V. Carlson
Carpenter-Breland/Jerry & Cherri Beckenhauer for E.P. Baruth Schlp
Mike Carr
Oren and Eleanor Carter
Dorothy Chambers
Chambers Delano Mem Schlp
Charter Communications Schlp
Wendell Cheney Estate
Chi Chapter Rho State Delta Kappa Gamma Schlpap

Chief Motel
Dr. Michael and Susan Chipps
Kristi Korf Clapp
Cloyd Clark
Jack and Virginia Clark
Coca Cola Bottling Co.
Colfer, Wood, Lyons & Wood
Glenn and Dixie Colson
Community Hospital Foundation for McCook Community Hospital Schlp
ConocoPhillips Match/Haag Schlp

Cornbelt Chemical Company
Virena Creasman Mem Schlp
Al Cuellar Scholarship
Michael and Teri Davis
Dr. & Mrs. Philip Deffer
Mary Catherine Deffer-Ryan Estate
Bison Dental 
DeGroffs Department Store
Dr. L. E. Dickinson, Jr.
Esther Trantow Dobbie Estate
Dr. Harold Donaldson Schlp

Drake Oil
Norman Driml
Richard Driml Memorials
Dr. Linda Phillips Driskill Schlp
Duckwall - ALCO, Inc.
Flora Dutcher for Austin & Minnie Dutcher Mem Schlp
Dr. Emma Easterday
Delmar Ebert for Ebert Family Mem Schlp
EducationQwest Foundation Schlp
Mary Elliott Estate

Federal Land Bank & Prod Credit Assoc
Ted and Candace Fellers
Dennis Fargen
First Central Bank, McCook
First National Bank
Mary Frandsen
Jack and Bonnie Jo Gardner
Jim Garretson
Gerhold Concrete
Kenneth Gettman Mem Nursing Schlp

Carolyn Givan
Jim and Connie Gohl
Goltl Plasterers
Mary Ellen Goodenberger
Goodson Plumbing
Theodore Gore Oil Company Schlp
Graff Charitable Foundation
Graff Family, Inc.
Mark & Linda Graff

Dr. Gary & Cynthia Burton Haag for Haag-Burton Schlp
Jim and Donna Hall
Glenn & Judy Haney
Don & Alice Harpst
Phil and Donna Harr
J.T. & Karen Harris
John T. & Eleanor Harris
Chris and Kathy Harrison
Mrs. Laverne Harrison

Lester & Elizabeth Harsh Schlp
Herrmann Funeral Home
Hinky Dinky
Ben F. Hormel
Ben F. Hormel Charitable Lead Trust Hormel Chevrolet
Hormel Family Foundation
Richard and Jane Hornung
Howard Kool Motors

J. C. Penney
Johnson Construction
Dr. Warren Jones
Dr. Melanie Jones-Wier
Harold Kay
Kansas Nebraska Gas
KICX Radio
King Auto Parts
Elinor Karrer Estate

Frances Kasl
Dr. JoEllyn Keeler
Kiewit Foundation Schlps
Verle & Ann King
Dr. Rick and Pam Klug

Norton & Marjorie Knedlik
Van and Jan Korell
B. Darlene Korf
Carol Kraus
Milton Krogh

Elwyn Krous for Elizabeth Krous Mem Schlp

Henry Krous for Elizabeth Krous Mem Schlp
Kugler Company
R. D. Kugler Mem Schlps
Alfred & June Kuper for Kuper Ag Schlp
Larry and Myrna Lacina
Scott and Patty Laird
Dr. John Langfeldt
Dr. R. C. Langfeldt
Harold & Marion Larmon

Estella LaRue Schlp

Dr. E. F. Leininger
Charlotte Lewis Mem Topsy Art Schlp
Lilyan Melton Mem Schlp
Lincoln Federal Savings
Melba B. Loker Estate
Gary and Bill Loop
Lots to Love, Inc.
Rose Lute Schlp
David Lynch

Phillys Lyons

Mac’s Drive-In
The Magrath Company
Stan Marr
Fred Marsh
Pat Marvin
Dr. Roger Mason
Lee-Ellen Matzke for Virena Creasman Mem Schlp
Charles McCarl

William McChesney

McCook Abstract Co.
McCook Area Sertoma Club
McCook Bus & Profess’l Women’s Club Schlp
McCook College Faculty
McCook Concrete
McCook Envoys Golf Schlp
McCook Equity Exchange
McCook College Indians Booster Club
McCook Daily Gazette

McCook Elk’s Lodge #1434
McCook Eye Clinic
McCook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squad Schlps
McCook National Bank
McCook Public Schools
Ken McGooden
James McIlmoyle
Gwendolyn Jorgensen McKenzie Memorial Fund
Maude McMillen
McPherron, Skiles & Loop CPA’s, P.C. Schlp

Mrs. Max Merrill
Meyerle Pharmacy
Midwest Livestock Commission
Middle Rep Nat’l Res Dist Schlp
MNB Financial Group, Inc.
MNB Insurance
Modern Cleaners
Don and Vonnie Moore
Mousel & Wright Engineers
Frank Murray Estate

Nebraska B-TTT Club
Nebraska Golf Association
Nebraska Public Power District Schlps
Nebraska Rendering
Maude Neubauer Estate
Mildred Newport Schlp
Northwestern Bell Telephone
Robert and Connie Olsen
Delmar Ebert for Jack & Marjorie Olson

Mem Art Schlp
Kevin & Sheri Ord
Dr. Michael & Candice Owens
Parker Hannifin
Ramond Parker Mem Schlp
Jay Person Mem Schlp
Peter’s Dairy Creme
Phillips Pet Co Match//Haag Schlp
Robert E. Phillips Schlp

Bruce Pick Mem Schlp

Power’s Bakery
Red Horse Motel
Gladys Ricketts
Don Roberts and Sons Partnership
Catherine Rose
Safeway Stores
Chuck and Kristi Salestrom
Gigi and Dan Sattler
Jay and Kim Schilling

Schilz Jewelry
Alicia Schober Estate
Walt & Jean Sehnert
Stacie Shaddock Family
Sheldon Markets
Shoemaker Family Foundation
Dr. Robert Smallfoot
Virginia Smith Congressional Schlp
Dr. Richard Tubbs and Marilyn Smith
Dr. Bruce Snyder

Steven’s Bottling Co.
Jack & Norma Stevens Schlp
St. John Commandery No. 16 Knights Templar of McCook, Nebraska
Stoeppelwerth Drilling
Allen Strunk
Grant Strunk for Strunk Newsboy Schlps
Sullivan Agency
SW NE Assn Ret Children Schlp
Taco Johns

TEK Tire
TierOne Bank Schlrps
Kynan and Nancy Trail
Robert E. Trout Mem Schlp
Turman’s Store
21st Century Systems, Inc. Schlp
Union Bank and Trust Co.
Valmont Industries, Inc.
Vogue Clothing
Myatt W. Volentine

Myatt W. Volentine Estate
Volentine Family Foundation
Kurt and Rebecca Vosburg
Ralph von Riesen
von Riesen Citizen Schlp

Kathryn Wall for George, Emillie, & Don Wall Mem Schlps
Wallace Construction
Walt’s Drug
Dr. Henry O. & June C. Weeth
Mrs. Auretta Welborn
Julia C. Wiedman Estate
Welborn Family Mem Schlp
Wells Fargo Foundation
Ernest Weyeneth Schlp

Gary and Barbara Wiemers Family
Deane Wolfe Mem Schlp
Helen L. Wolfe Estate
J. Dal & Bernie Wood
Pearl Wrightstone Estate
Bill and Linda Zahl​​