Reverse Transfer

Don't just Transfer... Graduate!

MPCC’s Reverse Transfer Program can help you finish what you started at MPCC, even after you transfer on to a four-year institution. We understand that there are many reasons why you may have transferred on prior to completing your associate degree, but we want to ensure you earn credit where credit is due!

MPCC’s Reverse Transfer Program allows you to:

Transfer credits back to MPCC that were earned at a four-year institution.

Apply those credits towards completion of a degree, diploma, or cetificate at MPCC. 

Why Should Reverse Transfer Matter to You?

Completing your associate degree has many potential benefits:

  • Increase your value to employers
    • Improve job prospects while you finish your bachelor’s degree
    • Distinguish yourself from job seekers who haven’t completed a degree
  • Reduce amount of coursework needed at some four-year institutions
    • Reduce the amount of coursework needed at your transfer institution
    • Consult with your transfer institution for details on specific policies
  • Achieve a bachelor’s degree
    • Increase probability of  completing your bachelor’s degree
    • Boost your earning potential

Do I Meet the Eligibility Criteria?

  • Must have completed at least 15 credit hours at MPCC *
  • Must have minimum of 2.0 GPA
  • Must have earned transfer credit at four-year institution with grade of “C” or higher

*Minimum number of credits required for degree completion may vary depending on specific degree requirements

What are the Next Steps?

  • Complete an official transcript request form from your transfer institution

  • Select your transfer institution from the links below
    If your transfer institution is not listed, please contact the institution’s Records and Registration Department for details on how to request official transcripts.

  • Complete a request to have your OFFICIAL transcripts sent to:

Reverse Transfer Advisor
Mid-Plains Community College
1205 East Third Street
McCook, NE 69001

Transfer Institutions List

Important to Note: Sending MPCC your transfer institution transcript does not guarantee that you will be granted a degree. The transcripts and coursework submitted will be evaluated by MPCC to determine whether or not a student has fulfilled the associate degree requirements as set forth by MPCC. The decision to grant a degree remains up to MPCC discretion and policy. In order to receive a degree, students must also submit a intent to graduate form through CampusWeb.

Contact information

For more information about the Reverse Transfer Program contact us at or 308-535-3710.