MPCC/UNK sign two-plus-two biology agreement

kaylee johnson biology
Tuesday, April 18, 2023

A new two-plus-two Guided Pathway agreement between Mid-Plains Community College and the University of Nebraska at Kearney will make it easier than ever for students seeking a four-year degree in biology.

Students pursuing an Associate of Science degree, taking a specific sequence of courses at MPCC, will now be able to transfer every course directly into UNK’s Bachelor of Science in Biology degree program.

MPCC classes transferred to UNK previously but did so as electives. Now the classes will transfer as part of the student’s intended course of study - whether it is a comprehensive biology degree or a biology major with a chosen minor.

“Since UNK is our students’ top transfer institution, relationships like this are so important to make sure students are transferring without gaps or being behind their peers,” said Chad Swanson, MPCC mathematics instructor and division chair for Mathematics and Science. “Hopefully, this can be the first of other transfer agreements we can pursue in, not only biology, but other pre-professional areas as well.”

The partnership will begin in the fall of 2023.

MPCC’s portion will focus on completion of general education requirements, which students can start in high school.

Graduates of MPCC’s Associate of Science degree program will transfer fully to UNK and enter as third-year biology majors.

“UNK and the College of Arts and Sciences are delighted to partner with MPCC to provide a direct pathway to ensure the future of their students moving forward,” said UNK Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences Dr. Paul Twigg. “UNK biology is an excellent program with a bright future in rural health, wildlife biology, teaching and many other areas. We will provide excellent opportunities for MPCC students and would love to explore further two-plus-two programs.”

More information about the two-plus-two Guided Pathway can be found online at: