MPCC employees recognized for full-time service

Wilma Douty
Friday, October 7, 2022

Thirty full-time employees were honored Friday for providing a combined total of 345 years of service to Mid-Plains Community College.

The awards, based on five-year increments, were presented as part of Fall Enrichment Day in North Platte. Recognitions were as follows:

35 years: Wilma Douty

20 years: Ryan Purdy, Janell Hartzer

15 years: Dr. Jessie Allen, Jared Daily, Dik Haneline, Becky Meyers, Cathy Nutt, Jon Olsen, Jeff Pinkerton, Chad Swanson

10 years: Bridget Correll, Norman Eilenberger, Amanda Gallegos, Kaci Johnson, Gail Knott, Brenda Ledall, Kim Maciejewski, Jennifer Morgan, Brandon Pritchett, Vinson Skiver, Mike Steele

5 years: Kendra Betts, Brent Cobb, Jon Dinkel, Marlene Goodenberger, Sheri Hink-Wagner, Lynn Lupomech, Dan McCoy, Jeff Smeltzer