Area students win prizes/scholarships at Inter-High Day

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

About 440 students from 23 area high schools competed for scholarships and other prizes during the 54th annual Inter-High Day at North Platte Community College Wednesday.

The scholastic contest was spread across NPCC’s north and south campuses. The students’ knowledge and skills were tested in everything from auto body, diesel mechanics and electrical technology to accounting, chemistry, poetry writing, music and health occupations.

Schools earned points based on how well their students placed in the academic divisions. The top three point earning schools received a plaque and a $500 scholarship to award to a student of their choice.

Winners in each category received a medal and a $500 scholarship to the college. Additionally, those placing first through third earned certificates for up to three credit hours of summer tuition.

Winners in the applied technology competitions also received industry-based prizes related to their particular test areas.

Results were as follows:

Division Results:

Top School Division I

First – Hershey

Second – North Platte St. Pat’s

Third – Perkins County

Top School Division II

First – Stapleton

Second – Southwest

Third – Paxton

Top School Division III

First – Arnold

Second – Maywood

Third – McPherson County

Academic categories: 


First – Jacob Holzfaster, Paxton

Second – Kaitlin Meyer, Perkins County

Third – Cole Kramer, Stapleton 


First – Kellan Copeland, Sutherland

Second – Jordan Nelson, North Platte High School

Third – Ariana Sutter, Sutherland

Biological Science

First – Trevor Carlson, Hitchcock County

Second – Ryder Potts, Perkins County

Third – Bryce Bode, Hershey 

Business Communications   

First – Emmy Oldham, Maywood

Second – Maggie Haesler, Mullen

Third – Will Krondak, North Platte St. Pat’s 


First – Will Moats, North Platte St. Pat’s

Second – Nathan Kollmorgen, Hitchcock County

Third – Colin Rooney, Stapleton

Criminal Justice

First – Jacob Knox, Cody-Kilgore

Second – Jeffery Forsen, Mullen

Third – Kaitlyn Goodrich, Stapleton

Dramatic Arts/Theater (11th-12th grades)

First – Ashley Williams, Eustis-Farnam

Second – Ana Cerenil, Southwest

Third – Pryce Johnston, Maywood 

Dramatic Arts/Theater (9th-10th grades)

First – Emma Balden, Dundy County Stratton

Second – Ivy Tullis, Arnold

Third – Graci Peterka, Maywood 

Health Occupations

First – Dakota Guthrie, North Platte St. Pat’s

Second – Avery Broomfield, Southwest

Third – Madison Guernsey, Hershey

Information Technology

First – Cole Barnett, Southwest

Second – Caleb Walters, Eustis-Farnam

Third – Ryun Sheets, Wallace 

Introduction to Business

First – Lance Jones, Arnold

Second – Mike Ekdahl, North Platte St. Pat’s

Third – Jacob Holzfaster, Paxton 


First – Joshua  San Miguel, North Platte High School

Second – Andrew Brosius, North Platte St. Pat’s

Third – Joseph Ledbetter, Wallace 

Medical Terminology

First – Tonja Heirigs, North Platte St. Pat’s

Second – Dayle Haake, Thedford

Third – Reagan Bender, Hershey 

Microsoft Office Suite

First – Tucker  Housman, Stapleton

Second – Chloe Schaeffer, Stapleton

Third – Allie Boyer, Mullen 


First – Austin Thompson, Southwest

Second – Barbora Bilkova, Cody-Kilgore

Third – Chloe Guo, North Platte St. Pat’s


First – Mariah Osienger, Thedford

Second – Katherine Anderson, McPherson County

Third – Daelyn Mues, Hitchcock County 

Music Theory and Ear Training

First – Cruz Brooks, Hershey

Second – Chloe Guo, North Platte St. Pat’s

Third – Jane Fischer, Hershey 

NPCC Facts

First – Tallianna Martin, Arnold

Second – Mackayla Wallin, Perkins County

Third – Eryka Anderson, Hershey 

Personal Finance

First – Brodey Hund, Hershey

Second – Will  Krondak, North Platte St. Pat’s

Third – Ben Aldridge, Dundy County Stratton 

Poetry Writing

First – Dayami            Ruiz, Perkins County

Second – Alvin Russell, Garden County

Third – Rameja Somers-Dehaney, North Platte St. Pat’s 

Prose Writing           

First – Alvin Russell, Garden County

Second – Miah Fox, Paxton

Third – Emmy Oldham, Maywood


First – Jax Staton, Hershey

Second – Dakota Guthrie, North Platte St. Pat’s

Third – Natalie Malcom, Eustis-Farnam 


First – Myles Bishop, Perkins County

Second – Casey Jones, Maxwell

Third – Logan Recoy, Arnold                                               

Applied Technology: 

Auto Body

First – William Fisher, Hershey

Second – Quinn Moreno, North Platte High School

Third – Ethan Schmidt, McPherson County 


First – Dominic Achenbach, Brady

Second – William Anderson, McPherson County

Third – Tyler Cappa, Maywood

Building Construction Team

First – Stapleton High School

Second – Sutherland High School

Third – Eustis-Farnam High School

Diesel Mechanics

First – Koltar Rahn, Hershey

Second – Cameron Car, Brady

Third – Tyler Cappa, Maywood


First – Jace Zahl, Hershey

Second – Keltin Vanarsdall, Hershey

Third – Chase Rundbeck, Mullen

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

First – Ethan Schmidt, McPherson County

Second – Kamryn Tucker, Cody-Kilgore

Third – Jackson Saner, Sutherland

Welding Division I

First – Trinity Zeigler, North Platte High School

Second – Jace Zahl, Hershey

Third – Keltin Vanarsdall, Hershey

Welding Division II

First – Jackon Saner, Sutherland

Second – Wyatt Walker, Paxton

Third – Kellin Nelson, Brady